Spike was the perfect teacher!

Me and my partner booked a 1:1 half-day course for November 2022. Unfortunately, we came down with COVID before the session. Spike was able to rearrange our lesson at short notice and with ease.

During the lesson, Spike kept us hydrated with endless coffees and teas. We practiced the skills Spike taught us by making a hook. After, we looked at areas we should improve and re-made the hooks. This was lovely as we learnt how to refine our new knowledge. We finished the lesson by making our very own snakes.

I could not recommend Spike enough! We would love to return in the future. This was a 5 star experience!

Hello Spike.

Thanks for a great day last Thursday, you can teach an old dog new tricks it seems!

Attached are some pictures of the candle holder in situ and in use, feel free to use them as you wish.

Thanks again


I was gifted a half day lesson with Spike as I had been wanting to try blacksmithing/welding for a while. I couldn’t have had a better teacher.

Her forge is inspiring and her teaching so knowledgeable. I didn’t want to leave! I would recommend to anyone and would definitely go back to learn more!


I am currently studying carpentry at college and wanted to create my own metal brands to burn on my wooden furniture

Today I was so happy as Spike taught and helped me to acheive my vision.

Thanks. Iker

Chris & Rhys – Joint half day course.

I had a great time at spikes, it was very natural and formal whilst also being very informative and loads of fun, I always love the chance to learn new skills whilst exploring creativity and this was just that. It's a great workshop, loads of different tools and equipment, all of which is perfectly safe providing you follow her safety instructions. I had a fantastic time and would recommend to anyone who's looking for the perfect place to be creative or construct something they've always wanted to but never had the resources to do so. It doesn't matter how much experience you've had beforehand because the experience after going, will definitely be worth it.