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So, how do I teach? why do I teach? and what teaching means to me…

The challenge of meeting a stranger, and within a matter of minutes understanding their personality and learning needs to individually teach them, comes from my intuitive nature of reading people, and combining their stories and knowledge with others from my varied experiences throughout my life.

From my dream workshop/sanctuary, that feels like home, I have created an environment whereby I can teach one to one and give the choice of music to each student. This all helps to remove anxiety, competitiveness, and expectations.

I am always curious about each person’s spark inside and when I find that common denominator, that person’s inner child becomes present.

“Spectrum Powers” are welcome in my forge, I created this terminology to positively describe spectrum abilities as given the correct environment and teacher, these differences can often flourish. I believe my dyslexia and ADHD have been a fundamental asset to me being a successful artist, blacksmithing and teacher.

I teach by being honest and kind and having a thoughtful environment with a gentle authenticity. My intentions are to alleviate stress and inspire confidence, to encourage fun and turn dreams into reality. Teaching the process of blacksmithing is very zen, even therapeutic, working with all five elements to create self-worth through technique, ideas and effort is a privileged place to be and be a part of too. “Being in the moment is key”.

Each student has inspired me over the years, I have met the most heart-warming people, that have synchronicity impacted my life’s journey. The freedom of creation is infectious and feels like an honour to facilitate.

It was a dream to have a workshop when I had nothing and have always listened to my heart when believing I could be an artist. So, I am always grateful and truly happy when I am turning my ideas into creations, as it’s the journey through the process that makes my heart smile and fills me with emotions. To turn abstract thoughts or words into a sculptural understanding is my challenge, this helps me make sense of life and connect with others, even make a positive difference in this world. “My mistakes are my learning, my time is my gift and experimenting is my freedom”.

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